A very strong cigars that have become best sellers in Germany. Augustin Quintero and his brothers got their start in tobacco in their hometown of Cienfuegos in the Las Villas province of Cuba in the 1920’s. In 1940, they created this full-flavoured brand which continues today, primarily in machine-bunched/hand-finished and all machine-made sizes.


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Length  –  Gage
Price Single          
Box Price
Brevas (L) 5 1/2  —  (G) 40 Call for Prices
Clubs (L) 3 7/8  —  (G) 24 Call for Prices
Londres Extra (L) 4 7/8  —  (G) 40 Call for Prices
Minis (L) 3 1/4  —  (G) 20 Call for Prices
Nacionales (L) 5 1/2  —  (G) 40 Call for Prices
Puritos (L) 4 1/2  —  (G) 29 Call for Prices