Non Cuban Cigars

We have a series of cigars that come from around the world that vary wildly in size and taste. With each brand we having numerous types of cigars. This is just a small sample of the variety we have so please view our selection at our Vancouver location or make an order with us.

*Assorted Bundles*       Chub Cigar                     Old Port
263                                      Clubmaster                   Panter
777 Zero                              Colts                                Phillies
Alhambra                           Davidoff                          Pom Pom
Arturo Fuente                   Don 7-70                          Prime Time
Ashton                                Don Diego                       Primo
Bances                                Don Thomas                  Primo Del Rey
Bandi                                  Dutch Masters              Prince Albert
Batey                                  Grenadiers                     Punch
Bravo                                  Hava Tampa                   Roly
Brick House                      Honey T                           Royal Jamaica
Bulls Eye                            House of Horvath         Santa Fe
Café Crème                       House of Lord                Santa Rosa
Camacho                           It’s a boy/girl                 Spirit of Cuba
Candle Light                     Leon Jimenes                 Swisher Sweets
Cao                                     Macanudo                       Tabacalera
Captain Black                  Manolo                             Te-Amo
Casa Magna                     Master: Carlos Torano        W & D
Century Sam                    Meharis                            Toscano
Cha-Cha-Cha                     Neos                                  Villager