Summer Humidor Prep Guide

Humidor with Premium Cigars for Summer

As summer approaches, it’s essential to ensure your cigars remain in optimal condition despite the warmer temperatures and increased humidity. A well-maintained humidor is key to preserving the flavor and quality of your cigars. Here’s a guide on how to prepare your humidor for the summer season.

Why Humidity Matters

Cigars are highly sensitive to their environment. Too much humidity can cause cigars to become moldy or swell, affecting the draw and flavor. Conversely, too little humidity can dry out cigars, making them brittle and harsh to smoke. Maintaining the ideal humidity level (typically around 70%) is crucial for keeping your cigars in perfect condition.

Steps to Prepare Your Humidor for Summer

1. Check and Calibrate Your Hygrometer

Your hygrometer measures the humidity level inside your humidor. Over time, it can become inaccurate, so it’s essential to check and calibrate it periodically, especially before summer.

How to Calibrate:

  • Use the salt test method: Place a teaspoon of salt in a bottle cap, add a few drops of water (not enough to dissolve the salt), and place it in a sealed plastic bag with your hygrometer.
  • Leave it for 6-8 hours. Your hygrometer should read 75%. If it doesn’t, adjust the reading accordingly or note the deviation.

2. Season Your Humidor

If your humidor hasn’t been used in a while or you’re noticing fluctuations in humidity, it might need to be re-seasoned.

Steps to Season:

  • Wipe the interior lightly with a distilled water-dampened cloth to add initial moisture.
  • Place a small dish of distilled water inside the humidor and close the lid.
  • Let it sit for 24-48 hours. Check the humidity level; it should stabilize around 70%.
  • Remove the dish and place your cigars inside once the desired humidity is reached.

3. Use Humidification Devices

Maintaining consistent humidity during summer can be challenging. Invest in high-quality humidification devices like gel jars, beads, or electronic humidifiers.

Tips for Using Humidification Devices:

  • Follow manufacturer instructions for activation and maintenance.
  • Regularly check the device to ensure it’s working correctly and add distilled water or solution as needed.

4. Monitor Temperature

High temperatures can cause fluctuations in humidity levels. Aim to keep your humidor in a cool, stable environment away from direct sunlight or heat sources.

Ideal Temperature Range:

  • Keep your humidor in a room where the temperature stays between 65-70°F (18-21°C).

5. Inspect and Rotate Your Cigars

Regular inspection and rotation help maintain your cigars evenly.

Inspection Tips:

  • Check for any signs of mold or beetle infestation.
  • Rotate cigars every few weeks to ensure even humidity distribution.

Tips for Summer Cigar Storage

1. Avoid Overfilling Your Humidor

Overfilling can restrict air circulation and prevent even humidity distribution. Ensure there’s enough space between cigars for air to circulate.

2. Use Boveda Packs

Boveda packs are a convenient and reliable way to regulate humidity. They come in various RH levels and provide consistent humidity control.

How to Use:

  • Place the appropriate RH Boveda pack in your humidor according to its capacity. Replace as needed.

3. Store Cigars in Their Original Boxes

If you have a large collection, consider storing cigars in their original boxes within the humidor. This method helps maintain individual humidity levels and adds an extra layer of protection.


Preparing your humidor for the summer season is essential for maintaining the quality and flavor of your cigars. By following these steps and tips, you can ensure that your cigars remain in perfect condition, ready to be enjoyed at any time. Visit our cigar shop in downtown Vancouver for a wide selection of premium cigars and humidification products to enhance your cigar experience. Enjoy the summer with confidence, knowing your cigars are well-protected and ready to smoke.

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